MAJOR Update!

First of all, I want to apologize to all my readers for not posting in almost two months. Since my last post, a lot has happened. I’ve given birth my beautiful daughter who is now one month and three days old. My sister came into town for the birth of my daughter. I’ve started taking online courses to get my high school diploma… I still don’t have it since being graduated from high school five years ago, ha ha! Those are the major things that I can think of at the moment.

I got to thinking about this blog the other day, and how fun it would’ve been to do something similar to what the YouTubers for the month of December. They do Vlogmas. They vlog from December 1 – Christmas Day. I thought that would be something fun to do, but instead of filming myself doing the same thing every day, I figured I would try and find some prompts, or questions online for what I would call Blogmas. Blogging December 1 – Christmas Day. Maybe I’ll do it next year. Let me know if that’s something that you would read, or want to read.

I’m sitting here on my couch, typing away, and I look over at my daughter in her swing rocker thing, and I got to thinking.. maybe I should update y’all on how she is and everything. If you don’t already know, she has a cleft lip and palate. We met with a whole team of people that’s going to be apart of her journey for the next 18 years of her life. We met two surgeons, a pediatric dentist, a speech therapist, and a lot more people. The team is wonderful. Her first surgery will be when she’s 3 months old and 10 pounds. She’s currently weighing 6lb 10oz. She was 6lb 14oz when she was born. She has a┬ápediatrician appointment on Wednesday for her weight checkup. I’ll come back and update with that when we get home from her appointment Wednesday.

I would give an update on myself, but I don’t think you want to hear/read about my anxiety with postpartum.

I think that’s all the updates I have for you right now. If you want to see a birth story (I won’t get gross, I promise. I’ll keep it at a PG rating.) then let me know!

Thanks for reading! <3