Labor & Delivery Story.

I think it’s time that I tell you guys my labor and delivery story.

My daughter is 6 months old now! I can’t believe it! Last Tuesday, she turned 6 months old. It hit me that day that I’m going to have a 1-year-old in 6 months!

She was born on November 16, 2016 at 8:37pm, and this is where the story begins. It might be shorter and uneventful to some, but it was so eventful to me.


I can never get the green right, haha


I was scheduled to get induced because my fluids were a little higher than normal, but only by two counts or something like that. I had to be at the hospital at 6am, if I’m remembering right. We got there on time (which is very rare for us, haha!), but I had to sign stuff, and they had to get my wrist band. It took longer than anticipated because other people were coming up to the counter to ask questions… it got annoying real quick, but I was tired and nervously excited, I wasn’t caring. Well, at about 6:30-6:45, they finally got my wrist band on me and they took me to my room! Got the robe on, got my IV in, and layed in the bed! My day nurse had to redo one of the IVs because she blew my vein the first time. After she gave me the IV, that’s when she put the pitocin in. Let me tell you, the moment she gave that to me, my contractions started! It took no longer than 10 minutes for the medicine to kick in. Some people say that it takes longer for them, or it just doesn’t work at all, but it definitely worked on me! I told my husband that when we go to have our next baby (yes, we want another one!) I want to be induced again, haha.

I got the pitocin around 9:00am. My contractions started getting kind of bad after 5:00, so one of the other nurses put in a referral for my epidural. Maybe an hour later, I got my epidural. I will say this, ladies. If you’re having a baby (or are able to) get the epidural. It will not harm your baby, or else they wouldn’t give it you. The doctor came in, and got me all ready and got the stuff out, raised my bed, and told me to hug my pillow and hunch over as far as I could. He told me not to sit straight up, but I didn’t listen. THAT SUCKER HURT LIKE A MOTHER!, but it numbed me from the middle of my tummy to the bottom of my feet.

My sister was in the room with us at one point. I asked her at one point to put my socks back on my feet… this is funny because my socks were on my feet when I asked her. I was that numb!

At around 7:52, my night nurse came in and checked to see how dilated I was. Next thing we know, I’m doing the practice pushes! My daughters head was in the right spot for my nurse to call my doctor. 45 minutes later, I became a mommy! The moment I heard her let out her first cry, I started crying… like a baby. Pun intended, lol.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we found out at my 20 week scan that she has a cleft lip. They didn’t know if she had the palate as well, but she does. In fact, it’s a partial palate. She’s missing the middle part of her palate. You can see her nasal cavity, which I think is cool. I’m weird. So, my doctor put my daughter on my chest, and one of the other nurses checked for her palate. Scared me so bad! All I heard was my daughter “choking” and I wanted to see why. Mama instincts kicked in right away.

My husband, sister, daughter, and nurses went out of the room while my doctor sewed my back up. My daughters head was and still is big, haha!

If you’re wondering, yes. I had visitors. My sister took pictures on my husbands phone, and we’ve been taking pictures ever since. Every day, if not every day.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, she’s 6 months old already! She’s also currently asleep to Beauty & the Beast(1991) in her play area we set up this past weekend. We set it up in front of the tv (our living room is small, but livable. Another pun intended.) just so that we can have a better look at her, and it’s where we placed our rug; the main reason we bought the rug.

It’s so weird to think that I’m a mommy. Ever since my mom passed in Sept 2014, all I wanted was to become a mom, and be half the mom she was to me.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I didn’t know what else to write for y’all today, so I figured it was time to tell my L&D story.

Come back next week for another post!