I know my very first post of the month was about Blogtober. You may have noticed, if anyone is reading this blog, that I haven’t posted anything since.

I didn’t commit. I’m somewhat good with committing to things. Cleaning, cooking, laundry.

I just realized, watching the newest episode of HTGAWM (How To Get Away With Murder), that I need to commit more.

Clean when I don’t have the motivation. Cook for my husband on weekends even if I don’t feel good or if I’m too tired. Do laundry so we don’t have small cat fights over it.

Just commit in general. I mean, I’m committed to my husband, and always will be.

I wanna commit to be a better me.

Join me?

Goal Setting 10/8/2017

*I started this post a while back, and I think it’s time to finish it. I’m also going to be putting the date in the title so it’s easier for me to write stuff, lol.*

I’m sitting here watching Scandal on Netflix, and for some reason, I started thinking about goals.

I always set goals for myself, but I never follow through.

Take this challenge with me if you want! 😊

1. My first goal is to stay off social media. I tried this back in July, and it kind of worked! I only log on to upload a ton of pictures of my daughter, and that’s it! Maybe like a couple of things, but then I log right back off. This goes for Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. As much as it pains me to put Snapchat and Instagram on this list, I must.

2. Eat better. My husband and I have been trying to eat healthier, but we all know how that goes, right? We try to eat as healthy as we possibly can, but we fall off the wagon. Some do, and some don’t, and we, my husband and I, are apart of the Some Do category. Take this challenge with us!

3. Routines. As a person with anxiety, I love routines, and I stick to them… most of the time. If a routine gets thrown off, then my whole day, and sometimes whole MONTH gets thrown off. I know the old saying of “if you write it down, and make to do lists, you’ll stick with your routine.” I’ve done that, and to be honest, it’s just hard. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m lazy because I know I am. Routines, especially cleaning ones, are a little hard for me to stick with because my 10 almost 11 month old cries and gets really mad when I leave the room. It frustrates me when people don’t believe me when I tell them this. My husbands schedule doesn’t help much, either.

4. Makeup. I’m a Southern girl, and we love our makeup! Some of us can’t go out of the house without it… and I’m becoming one of those Southern girls. I love my southern heritage. My whole family grew up in the South, so it’s in my blood. I trying to expand my makeup collection, and being an Ipsy subscriber is helping! This is not sponsored, by the way, lol. I just love this company, and like to share when I can. Anyway. My simple makeup routine is concealer, powder, brows, and mascara. Takes me 10-15 mins, maybe 5!

5. Fashion. I want to expand my fashion….ness. I still have clothes from high school that I like to wear inside of the house. I want to dress more my age than to dress like I’m 16 still. I like fashion. I think it’s a good way to express yourself; to find out who you are, I guess.

I think goals are a good thing to set for yourself. I’m not expert, but I do like to this a lot within each year just to see if I can stick to it.

I think starting these goals are in order 🙂

Blogtober is here!

It’s Fall. It’s the first day of October, which means it’s Blogtober.

I attempted this last year, and it really didn’t so great. I’m hoping this year, I’ll be better at it.

What this means, is that I’ll be posting every day, every other day, or once a week.

The problem last year was I ran out of stuff to write about, and I didn’t wanna use other ideas that I had written down because I didn’t want to use them and not be able to give credit to the person I wrote the ideas down from. Anxiety issues, haha.

Anyways, get ready for a months, or almost a months, worth of posts from me! 🙂