Get to know me!

Hey, y’all! My name is Jessica, and I would just like to personally give you a warm welcome to my blog! Now, I know what you must be thinking. “Jessica. What is your blog about? What content are you going to put up?” Well, if I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’m not exactly sure. I read a post this morning from Pinterest talking about how to make an About Me page. She mentioned something about saying what your blog is going to be about, and while I was reading it, I got to thinking. What is my blog about?! I don’t know what my blog is about! This is something I need to think long and hard about. Well, I’ve been thinking about it since about 9 o’clock this morning, and it’s almost 1:45 in the afternoon. I’ve had to think, but I still can’t figure out what my blog is about! I feel like pulling my hair out of my head, but I won’t do that. Well, I guess I can list three of my interests, and go from there.

My first interest is Disney. I love all things Disney! I’ve been to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL more times than I can count. I’ve never been to Disneyland in California, but have a deep desire to go, but I’ve never flown in a plane, so I hate flying, ha ha. I’ve only been to the Disney Store about two times in my life, and I have a ton of Disney movies. I could go on about Disney because it’s something that I have a big interest in.

My second interest is housekeeping/homemaking. I love to have a clean home, but with being about 8 months pregnant, it’s hard for me to stay on my feet for long periods of time without feeling lightheaded. I love it when my husband can come home after a long shift at work, and see a clean home. But like I mention in the sentence above, I’m about 8 months pregnant, so it’s hard to me to stand on my feet. Cooking is something I’ve always loved since I was little because I would help my dad in the kitchen growing up.

My third interest is beauty. I love all things beauty. From makeup to skin care to routines, if it’s apart of beauty, it’s got my attention. I maybe mentioning things from the beauty community of YouTube, but that’s it! I guess you could mix fashion in there, too, even though I have NO fashion sense whatsoever. I mean, I guess I kind of do because I know how to match up shoes with a shirt and jeans. Eh, I lied. I have tiny bit of fashion sense, ha ha!

Maybe I’ll incorporate all three of these interests into one, and maybe one of them will mold itself out.

Well, you got to know me a little bit. I’ll continue to update this page as my blogging gets better.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂