Blogtober is here!

It’s Fall. It’s the first day of October, which means it’s Blogtober.

I attempted this last year, and it really didn’t so great. I’m hoping this year, I’ll be better at it.

What this means, is that I’ll be posting every day, every other day, or once a week.

The problem last year was I ran out of stuff to write about, and I didn’t wanna use other ideas that I had written down because I didn’t want to use them and not be able to give credit to the person I wrote the ideas down from. Anxiety issues, haha.

Anyways, get ready for a months, or almost a months, worth of posts from me! 🙂

So sorry I’ve been gone & Today’s Prompt!

I’m so sorry to y’all for being gone for almost a week. After my last post, we had a storm roll through. That was Wednesday, plus I didn’t really know how to answer the prompt for Wednesday. Then, on Thursday we had Hurricane Matthew come through the coast of Florida. Where I live, we didn’t hit that bad. The most damage that happened to mine and my husband’s home was a few little limbs, and one of our trash cans fell over. The worst that happened was our power going out, and we expected that to happen. My family evacuated to my grandmother’s house, and I kept them updated with how my husband and I were doing during the storm. Now, we’re going to get into today’s prompt!


What is your favorite song? How do you feel when you listen to it?

This one is tough! I have a lot of favorite songs! If I had to choose just one, it would probably be a song of off Britney Spears’ new album Glory. The name of the song is Slumber Party. It makes me feel good when I listen to it. It has a good vibe to it, it kind of has an urban feel to it. It mellows me out when I listen to it, if I’m going to be completely honest. It does have explicit content within the song, but it’s only a word that’s really explicit. If you’re wondering what that word is, it’s the F one that rhymes with truck. Okay, enough about that, haha. The song though, is really good. The first time I heard it I instantly fell in love. I fell in love with this whole album, to be quite honest.


Well, that’s all that I can really think to type up tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow night with another prompt!


Happy Blogging!

Family Member I Have The Most Common With & Our Differences

Which family member do you have the most in common with? What ways are you different from one another?

Hmmm. This one is a little hard. I’m trying to answer this question, but I can’t think of a family member what I have the most common with. If I had to choose, I would probably say that I have the most in common stuff with my dad. We both love music, we both are forgetful, we drive the same, we have the same temper. There’s more stuff, I’m sure, but I can’t seem to think what stuff.

Like I said in a previous post, my dad got my into music. We will listen to the same music… when it’s just us in the car. Sometimes he’ll put on his favorite band, and I’m forced to listen to it, but it’s okay because I hardly see my dad because life.

Our forgetfulness is kind of bad. I’ll call him in the morning to have a conversation, and then I’ll sometimes call him the evening if I’m bored, and ask him if we had our morning conversation. He’ll sometimes say yes, but when he says that he doesn’t remember, I’ll start it again and he’ll say, “Oh! Yeah, we talked about this.”

My dad taught me how to drive, so…. we drive the same, ha ha. Our road rage is bad, but because I’m expecting my first baby, I’m trying to control it.

I guess the road rage kind of ties into the temper. It’s all the same.

Oh, did I mention that I look like my dad, too?

Thank you so much for reading. I hope I didn’t bore you too much with this post.

Happy Blogging!