Grocery Shopping Setup

So, this is something new that I’m going to start trying every two to three weeks. That’s sitting down at my dining room table with pencil in hand and a notebook in front of me, and make a grocery list for the next two to three weeks. I’ve actually been wanting to do this, but I either forget or just don’t do it, and then get mad when my husband doesn’t answer me on what we need from the store, lol.

So, (I’m always starting my sentences out with so…. have you noticed that?) I actually have a “layout” of our grocery store of choice in front me, a small notebook with our grocery list on it, and a 5 subject notebook in front me as well with our Mastery List in it… actually that’s a lie. At the time of typing this, (I will leave this unedited so it’s more “raw”) I don’t have a Mastery List. All I have is two items on our shopping list, and about half of the store layout drawn on a piece of paper. Keep reading to see what we have on our Mastery List.

I’ve seen Mastery Lists everywhere on Pinterest, and I got to thinking to myself one night while scrolling is that we need one. Bad. All we do when we go to the store is just grab what we need, and we need end up forgetting what we need, or we miss an item or two. My husband is standing here watching me type as we speak. I normally do my blog posts on a Tuesday, and schedule them for a Wednesday, but NOT TODAY! Today ( at the time of typing ) is a Saturday.

Enough about that, let’s just go ahead and get into todays post!

So, how I’m going to start setting up for my grocery…. stuff is how I set up to blog when I’m sitting at my dining table, but I have, like I said in the beginning of this post, two notebooks, and a pencil. That’s it. I actually have our kind of sort of Mastery List as my actual grocery list. We go shopping every two weeks to every three weeks.

Next, I have my 5 subject notebook. I’ve had this notebook for a while, and I love it. I have blog post ideas, which is ironic because I have stuff written down, but I never know what to write about, haha! I also have recipes I find on Pinterest. Stuff for school, (I’ll get to that in a different post). I play around with Disney World prices all the time, so there’s a few pages in there, lol. The last that I have is health stuff. If I see something on Pinterest, I’ll write it down. If it’s something that’ll be totally beneficial to our health in that moment, I’ll write it down under the health tab or the recipe tab.

The little notebook with the purple pencil is my grocery list. The day you’re reading this (6/11/2017, which is the same day I posted this), we went shopping. I clean our freezer, and it’s empty, except for a bag of Steamfresh Corn, my husbands ice cream cones, 1 bar of Hershey’s chocolate, empty ice trays, and a cool pack thing that goes in your lunch box. That’s it! So, it’s empty, haha.

My coffee is just sitting there because I love coffee, and if I don’t have it I’ll get a headache and be cranky. I don’t drink it all, but I drink it enough to give me a little bit of energy, and to wake me up.

Now, I’m about to become a color coding fool! I just color coded our entire local grocery store, and I love it! I’ve had a packet of 8 different colors for about 3 or 4 years now. I barely used them, and they sat in storage for over a year. I decided to test them out ’cause I found them a couple of months ago. To my amazement, THEY STILL WORKED! They’re not dried out at all! So, I used them to color code our grocery list. They had to be used again, obviously, but at least I’ll know what’s what if we move in the order of the colors, haha!

For example:
Light Green = Aisle 1 (Produce, Sports Drinks, Juices, Deli Section) & Aisle 9 (Greeting Cards, Soft Drinks)
Purple = Aisle 3 (International Foods, Candy, Canned Meat, Soups) & Aisle 11 (Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, Frozen Breakfast)
Red = Aisle 5 (Coffee/Tea, Cereals, Oatmeal, Grits)& Aisle 13 (Household Items [Cleaning & Laundry])

I’m going to fall in love with this system. I’ve read somewhere a few years ago that color coding would be the best thing that you would/could do. Boy, they were right! I’m going to use this system for house. Not sure what “zones” the colors are going to be, but I’ll keep you posted!

Anyway. Thanks for reading this post! Please bear with me while I figure out what else to write about. It’s getting harder and harder for me to come up with stuff. I’m wanting to write posts about what I see on Pinterest. Like, if I read a post about a cleaning routine, for example, I’m going to want to write about mine!, but I don’t want to seem like I’m coping that person, when in fact I’m not. Just inspired, I guess you could say.

Come back next week! I’m trying to upload on Wednesdays, so come Wednesday, a post should be uploaded!


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