How I’m Getting My House & Life Organized… Part 2.


Credit: Universal Studios, Back To The Future Part 2 ending

So, in yesterday’s post, I talked about how I’m getting my life organized, and how it was to be continued.
Well, todays post is the conclusion of yesterdays. So, let’s get into it, shall we? Or maybe?

While my husband was getting ready for work earlier today, I thought that I would go ahead and start on our daughters room. Notice how I italicized the word “start”? Well, that’s because I did exactly that. I started work on our daughters room. It’s all painted, and has all the decor in it that goes with her nursery theme; bumblebee. I mean I started going through all of her clothes. The mountain of clothes that we have been given. My awesome sister-in-law gave us clothes that her two girls no longer fit into anymore. Part of me can’t believe they’re going to be 1 & 3 this year! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! Anyway. Big thanks to my sister-in-law! If you’re reading this; Hi, I love you, & thanks!

I started with those clothes because I recognized more than half of them, and I knew that most of them would be in the size that my daughter is going to be fitting into soon, and almost of them went into her crib. She’s not sleeping in it yet, don’t worry. She probably won’t be sleeping in her crib until after all of her surgeries for the year are done, but more on that topic later once we get more details on it.

There’s literally a mountain of clothes in her crib. A MOUNTAIN! Not that I’m complaining or anything. It’s less clothes that we have to buy for her. Not that I’m complaining about that, either!

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “Jessica! Are you ever going to make your point with this post?!” Yes, I am. Just let me get to it, ha ha!  This all ties into todays post, I promise!

Anyway. I went through all of our daughters Christmas gifts, cut all of the safety stuff off, and put them away in their home. In yesterdays post I mentioned that I didn’t have a home for everything in the house. This doesn’t apply to the baby’s room. In her room, there’s a home for everything, just about. I still need to sort her closet, and dressers, and my nightstand that we put in her room because it didn’t/doesn’t go with our bedroom furniture.

It’s actually taking me a while to get to my point because todays background noise is Disney’s Flubber! If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s very entertaining, and Robin Williams (may he rest in peace) is phenomenally funny. One of his best pieces of work besides Aladdin, Jumanji, the Happy Feet movies, Robots, and many more!

Alright. Enough babbling.  Let’s get into it!

    Again, this kind of ties into yesterdays post when I was talking about me cleaning the kitchen. I purged my pantry, and threw away stuff that we weren’t going to eat, or had been sitting in there for too long that had been opened for a couple of weeks or more. I know, disgusting, but you kind of don’t have a lot of time to do anything with a newborn. “You could while she’s sleeping.” Yes, I know, but like I said yesterday, not when she’s having gas pains, and wants to held all the time, and be loved on by Mama. “Do it while your husband is home.” A three-hour window when we feed the baby when we get up out of bed, sit her up for her 30 minutes, and eating breakfast really isn’t a lot of time. It goes by quicker than you think. Anyway. We have our garage to go through, but currently can’t get to anything because there’s just a lot of stuff in the way. Cleaning out the closets of winter wear, and putting our spring/summer clothes in the closet and dressers is a big thing this year. Bringing out tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, sandals/flip-flops, headbands, perfumes/body mists & lotions, just a lot of stuff that I mainly use during the spring/summer time. Going through it as I hang it, or fold it up. Basically doing what I’ve seen on Pinterest about purging.
    Now, with this one, it’s a little bit harder to give everything a home, but we’re slowly working on it. We have a china cabinet that we can put all of our “seasonal” and nice dishes in, but we just haven’t gotten around to it, or even talked about it. I just thought about it, JUST NOW. Not sure how much space is in it, but we’ll just have to pull the drawers open and find out, won’t we? We have a closet by our front door, but I’m honestly not sure if we’re going to use it. I forget we have it until we go to leave the house, and I see another door. We could use it for all of our jackets that we wear in the Florida winter. I say Florida winter because in December, it’s warm/hot, and after Christmas is when we start getting the cold fronts that we should get starting at the end of October like the rest of the United States. I want to make bullet points for me giving everything a home, but I haven’t yet. Check back for an updated version of this post with bullet points in near future!
    As Coach Calhoun from 1978’s Grease once said, “Let’s keep it clean, people. Let’s keep it clean.” That’s my main goal for this home of ours until we move again. The house we’re in now is our temp home, as my mother-in-law calls it. We’re hoping to be back in our hometown by the time our daughter is two, or before, whichever one comes first. When I was pregnant with my daughter, and right before I had her, I was keeping the house clean. Our room was still a little bit messy, but it was clean. The living and dining rooms, and the kitchen were all kept clean. Then, our daughter was born, and it turned into a complete mess. I know that’s no excuse, but it’s the God Honest truth. She got put into the NICU the night or day after she was born, and we just went to visit her everyday until she got discharged. So, no time to really clean, and keep it that way. I’m so thankful for my stepmom for coming over some days to help me out on her days off. I’m also thankful for my mother-in-law for helping me get the baby’s room set up, and kind of organized, haha. So far, with the kitchen, it’s being kept clean… sort of. There’s still some things that need to be put into the dishwasher, and put away in general. I just have to get back into the groove of keeping the house clean, and picking up after everyone in the house, not just myself.

In order for me to keep up with all three of these points, I have to first get my life organized. If you want to read that post, click here on how I’m getting my life organized. It’s a part one to this post. I tried to put this post and yesterdays post into one, but my daughter started getting fussy for a bottle, so I decided to break it up into two posts. I used the ending the Back To The Future movies because I love those movies, ha ha. Once I get into the groove of everything between these two posts, I’ll make updated posts for them. I’m actually working on writing with pencil and paper an updated morning and nignt routines. If you want to read the morning routine that I have posted, click here. For my night routine, click here.

As I’m sitting here thinking of an ending to this post, I got to thinking. What type of blog is this? Is it lifestyle? Is it a mommy blog? Is it a whatever blog? I’m leaning towards lifestyle/mommy. I’ve read a lot of blog posts like this one, and they’ve been from lifestyle bloggers. Now, I can’t remember the names of the blogs, but I do know it’s with posts like this one. They mix in a lot of mommy stuff in there, as well. That’s it. I’m sticking with lifestyle. What do think? Leave something in the comments below. If you can think of other topics for me to write about, too, please drop them in the comments, and I’ll be sure to write about it!

Thanks for reading! <3