How I’m Getting My House & Life Organized!

For those of you who know me, know that I’m not the most organized person in the world. I’ll start on a room, or a section of said room, and get frustrated because I can’t seem to find a home for everything! I get overwhelmed to the point where I just stop organizing, and then the house becomes a disaster! When I say disaster, I mean clutter. Clutter everywhere. That’s the current status of my home. Nothing but clutter. Some people will say, “You just had a baby two months ago. It’s gonna take time.” or “Put the baby down, and get to work!” Well with that part, it’s easier said then done when she’s having gas pains.

A couple years ago, I printed off a family planner for a binder. I forget where I got it from, but all credits go to that person! I loved it, then we had to move. So, I stopped using it. When I was using it, however, it worked great! All I had to do was write down meals in the meal planning page, and we ate what I had written down. I also wrote it down on our calendar, just so it was easier to look at. There’s another page in the planner that’s for cleaning/organizing (what I’m calling it.) I found it about a week ago, hung it on the fridge, and have been somewhat successful with using it. When we’re not super busy or being a little lazy during the week, I’ll do what’s on there for the day. Like today, for example, was Kitchen Day! The stuff on the list for Kitchen Day I did was wiping down the counters, swept. The others on the list was clean out the fridge and microwave. With our kitchen being small, our microwave isn’t in our kitchen, but it’s in our dining area instead. Hey, it works! Our fridge was just cleaned out a few days ago, so I didn’t need to do that. I just threw away something I knew I wasn’t going to eat, and that was it! I didn’t do a deep cleaning of it because I’m waiting to do my Spring Cleaning for that. If I notice something that needs to be extra done to the fridge, that’s when I’ll do it. There were some things that weren’t on the list that I did like clean out and organize the pantry, and unload & loaded the dishwasher, and put said dishes away. I also put all of my daughters bottle stuff together in a corner of our kitchen. She doesn’t have a lot of stuff for the kitchen, so a small part of it is fine for now until she gets bigger and starts eating solid foods.

I just gave one heck of an introduction, didn’t I! Let’s dive on in to what you’re to actually read!



The picture above isn’t the best I have on this blog, but it’ll do for now!

Let me start off with: HOW I’M GETTING MY LIFE ORGANIZED.

    Ironic because some of you came over from my Facebook Page. Well, when I say “Laying Off Of Facebook,” I mean laying off my PERSONAL Facebook. I had seen on Instagram a couple days ago that one of my friends is laying off the social media platform to live in the moment as part of their New Years Resolutions, (All credit goes to this person, and if they’re reading this right now, hi.) So, I got to thinking this morning, what if I started laying off social media, one platform at a time? Would I be happier, or just miserable? I know what you’re probably thinking. “How is this getting your life organized?” Keep reading. It might get better, haha! Normally when I wake up in the morning after grabbing my phone off of my nightstand, I’ll hop onto Facebook to see what I missed during the night, and I miss either makes me a little sad or frustrated, or happy, or makes my anxiety start up. I’m going to go into detail with this because I simply don’t want to. So, this morning, I didn’t immediately hop onto Facebook. Instead, I went to Twitter, then Instagram, Snapchat, then I went to Facebook. I haven’t been on much since. I’ve thought about deleting the app, but then I wouldn’t be able to see myself on the leaderboards of Disney’s Emoji Blitz. Fun, by the way.
    I do have a couple of posts explaining what I do in my morning and night routines, but that has since changed since we’ve moved twice in the past two years. This is something that is really important to me because it’s Mommy Time before my husband goes to work. I’ve tried to wake up before my daughter and husband do, but when I get up out of bed, that’s when my husband normally wakes up, and him making noises usually wakes our daughter, and Mommy Time goes out of the window! Which is fine, but this Mama needs her alone time before the day gets started. As I’m writing this post, I’ve had about 4 hours or so of Mommy Time, but that time was spent doing todays task. See Paragraph 2 to see know what I’m talking about if you’ve skimmed to this part of the post. Regarding point number one above, laying off of Facebook or social media in general in my morning routine could actually work for me. It would allow me to get a lot done in the morning instead of laying in bed on my phone for an hour! Now, I can’t get rid of Pinterest. That would absolutely kill me, haha. Snapchat, as well. That’s how I mainly keep up with my friends. I check Snapchat about 10 times a day! At night, I do keep my phone in the living room to charge, and my husband brings it into the bedroom when he comes to bed with our daughter. I’m always asleep when this happens!
    To me, family is everything. I think that’s why I wanted to have one of my own so badly. If I’m not with my family or my husbands, I tend to get a little…. depressed, if you will. I get sad, haha. Same with friends. If I see that our friends are having a good time, or have something planned, I always tell my husband that we need to plan a lunch or somethin with them, which we did this past Sunday! We had lunch with a couple of friends of ours and their adorable daughter! This weekend, starting Friday, I’m going to be seeing my family! My dad and stepmom are more than likely coming over Friday, then we’re going to a family get together on my side, then Sunday we’re going to a local renaissance faire. This will be our second year in a row going. I rather enjoy it. To see how people lived way back when.


This post have to be a TO BE CONTINUED…. one. My daughter just started fussing for a bottle. Be on the lookout for the rest of this post!

Credit: Univeral Studios, Back To The Future