Favorite Thing To Do By Yourself & Pregnancy Update!

What is your favorite thing to do by yourself? Is it relaxing or exciting?

As I’m typing up this post, I’m actually doing one of my favorite things, and that’s catching up on my shows. It’s relaxing to me, especially after I’ve been running around all morning, especially¬†being pregnant.

As of right now, I’m playing catch up on Don’t Be Tardy… on Bravo. I never thought that I would love this show as much as I do, but I do. I’m in the beginning of Season 2, and I’ve laughed so much.

This might be a short post, haha.

I would like to give an update on my pregnancy. I had an OB/GYN appointment this morning, and I would like to think that it went pretty well. My doctor checked me, and he said that I’m already 1/2 cm to 1 cm dilated, and I’m only 35 weeks pregnant! We all think that the baby is going to come before her due date. My stepmom and I both agree that she’s going to be born within the next 2 – 2 1/2 weeks. I’m counting on 2 1/2 weeks, but baby will come when baby is ready! I’m hoping she’ll be a November baby because that’s when my due date is.

I told you this post might be short, and it is! I just don’t know what else to say, ha ha!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!