Earliest Memory

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory that I have is probably going to look at my childhood home. I remember seeing white walls everywhere. All of the walls in the house were white except for my parents bedroom. I do believe that was a light pink with roses on the top the walls all the way around their room, and those walls stayed that way until we moved out. I remember meeting our neighbor who lived down the road from us. Him and my dad are in a band together, and have been for years now. I don’t remember much else. There’s pictures of me unpacking all the boxes my parents were packing because I apparently didn’t want to leave the trailor we were living in, which I don’t really remember that place at all except for when my grandfather took my brothers and I out the goat pin, and one of those goats stole my shoe, and my brothers had to fight the goat for it back, ha ha.

We moved into my childhood home when I was about 3 years old. The next memory I have is of that home is Intermediate School. I remember going to Elementry School, but not the house, for some reason. Weird, ha ha.

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