Cleaning, Organizing, Routines, you name it!

So, as I’m sitting here trying to make this blog more me, I’m watching/listening to videos on YouTube on keeping a clean organized home, how to start up a cleaning routine, etc., and I just got inspired to actually make a post! Shocking, I know. I’m pretty shocked, too. Just kidding.

I’m not the cleanest person. My parents would make me clean my room, and within the same day, my room would be a mess. I’m not joking. There would be times where I would start cleaning my room, and my mom would have to take over because I was taking so long. I don’t like cleaning, but I’m starting to enjoy it a little bit more. Before Will and I had to move back in with his mom (the house we were renting had a major problem and we needed to get out ASAP), I was on a routine. I was getting up at 7:00-7:30 in the morning, I was eating breakfast by 7:45, washing the dirty dishes by 8:00, and I was blogging on my old blog by 8:15-8:30, depending how many dishes were in the sink. I was blogging by 8:30-8:45, still sipping on my coffee, and by 9:00 I was either doing research on Disney or Universal, planners, Pinteresting, whatever I wanted to do while Will was at work. I’d eat lunch at about 12:00, and he’d be home before I knew it. I would talk to my brother in law, Tyler, who lived with us at the time, about bills, or really nothing. I would budget around 2:30 or after I washed the dishes.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about getting back into this routine. Of course, I won’t be waking up at 7:00 in the morning. It would be more close to 8:00 in the morning, or 9:00 in the morning. Sadly, my morning routine will have to altered a little bit because I am pregnant with my first child. That means that for my coffee, I have to switch to decaf because I use big coffee cups. The coffee cup that absoutely love has “Keep Calm And Put The Coffee On” on it in red. The cup is white, by the way. It fits like 4 cups of coffee in it. It’s big, ha ha!

I love a good routine. Not gonna lie. It’s my favorite videos to watch on YouTube, and it’s my favorite posts to read by bloggers. When I go on YouTube, I’ll go watch my subscription box, then I’ll try to find something to watch on my dashboard thing. If I can’t find anything to watch, I’ll search for routine videos. I’ll watch the ones that look interesting or that have a good thumbnail. I’ll watch morning routines, night routines, cleaning routines, you name it.

I’m just rambling on about nothing. I got inspired to make a post, and it’s taking me almost 3 hours to write it because dinner was ready so I ate it, and I heard a baby cry because she wasn’t happy.

I’m going to leave you with this post, and I’m going to continue catching up on my favorite vlogger on YouTube.

I bid you a good day!

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