I’d like to give y’all an update.

Dear readers,

I feel like a terrible blogger. I haven’t posted anything since March 11, 2016. Things have been hectic, and I’ve been busy with everything that’s been going since I last posted. I’m here to give y’all an update.

Ever since the last post I made, I found out that I’m pregnant. After trying for a little while, my husband and I are super happy to finally be expanding our family. As of right now, I am 14 weeks and 6 days pregnant. My estimated due date is set for November 20, 2016. I’m thrilled to finally become a mom.

My sister in law had her second daughter at the end of February, and we’ve all just been helping out with her since my sister in law went back to work.

That’s all the updates that I have for y’all today. We’re moving into our new house soon, so I’ll be posting a lot more when we start to get settled in. We have the baby’s room painted, so the only thing that we really need to do is just get the crib put together, and in the baby’s room, and get everything else that we need in the bedroom.

More posts and updates soon.


-[The Dolby Wife]