Routines & Updates!

I’ve actually been wanting to re-write my routine posts for this blog. I had another blog, but I didn’t think I was posting enough, and I didn’t know what to write. I was in a slump, if you will.  I still am, but as I’m catching up on Once Upon A Time, and scrolling through Pinterest, I decided that for the next three days I’m gonna put out a mini series. A series of routines! Tomorrow’s post will be a morning routine, Thursday’s post will be a shower routine, and to end the work week, Friday’s post will be a night routine. Next Monday, I’m going to be attempting a blogger challenge. Starting from March 14, 2016 and ending April 22, 2016. Taking weekends off, of course, to spend time with my husband.


I do believe that I’ve told you, my readers, that my stepmom and I are planning to go to Walt Disney World to attend the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. We’re not sure when we’re going yet, but that’s in the plans! We have a date set to talk and plan for it. It’s going to after the week of the March 21st because that’s when my older brother is getting married! I can’t believe my big brother is getting married. I mean, I though he’d be married way before me, but alas, I was married first, and now he’s getting married. He’s been with this girlfriend for about 7 years now, so it’s about time they get hitched! They have a 6 year old together, my beautiful and crazy niece whom I love so much. Back to Disney. If you read my last post, you’ll know that I love anything and everything Disney. Anytime I think about the parks or watch a Disney movie, it makes me want to plan a vacation, book a room, and get tickets! Anytime I get bored, I play with prices to see how much it would be for just my husband and I. I’m glad my stepmom is wanting to plan a vacation because Lord knows we all need one!


Well, that’s going to be all for todays post. I’m getting distracted by OUAT, and I’m really wanting a slice of Key Lime Pie. Yum.